Tip of the Week:Find out if your songs have what it takes

Posted by Mike McCready | February 2nd, 2010 | No responses

Find out if your songs have what it takes. Check out the easiest and fastest way to truly know your music’s potential and potentially get signed in the process.

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Fix My Mix: Lets Talk About Your Song’s Mix: Hakim Callier
Hakim Callier is a mix engineer and music producer based in New York City. He graduated from the Institute of Audio Research (NYC) and has mixed records by Kristin Hersh, Jeff Caylor and Yoko Ono’s Plastic Ono Band.

He is offering free mix consultation services until July 27, 2010. During this time he will review your submissions and discuss them with you them from the mix’s perspective. We will discuss any questions you may have on:

The Sounds (your sound selections and making them bigger)
The Trends (common trends in you musical genre)
The Story (how the mix should match the song)
The Freshness (keeping the mix fresh and interesting)
The Space (height, depth and width)
The Lead (the most important voice/instrument in the song)
The Scene (this refers to the mood, and character of the mix, vintage, modern, etc.)
The Big Picture (pulling it all together to grab the listeners attention)
Hakim says, “I am looking forward to discussing these very important elements with you about YOUR song’s MIX .”

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