Tip of the week – Why We Use Third-Party Log-ins

Posted by Mike McCready | April 21st, 2010 | No responses

You’ve probably noticed that in order to log in to submit music we ask that you use a third-party account.

1. It is secure. When you log in using a third party account (your username and password from another service) you are not giving us your password. Essentially, you are logging-in to that third-party service and they send us a code telling us you are who you say you are. We never get to see your actual log-in details.

2. It’s fast and easy. By using a third-party log-in, you do not have to remember yet another username and password. When you change your password at Facebook (for example) that’s all you have to remember.

3. It’s the future. More and more sites are moving to this type of log-in. We don’t rule out re-introducing our own username and password system but you will start to see more and more sites around the Web moving to this type of login feature. Just look at a few of the sites around the Web that are using this system already.

One last note: Our song submission site and the song presentation packs are separate applications that require that you log in separately. We recommend that you use the same third-party account for both applications and there is even a feature in the presentation packs menu that shows you how to associate your old username and password that you’ve been using with us to a third-party account. For more information on this topic and to avoid confusion, click here.

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Mike McCready is an entrepreneur at the crossroads of music and technology. He pioneered the introduction of Hit Song Science into the music industry and followed up with Music Xray, the company he co-founded and serves as CEO. His companies have been the subject of case studies at Harvard Business School, IESE and he frequently guest speaks at many of the top business schools around the world. He helps the music industry identify high potential songs and talent and helps musicians get deals, get fans, & get better: http://musicxray.com