Tip of the week – More of what you should know about Music Xray

Posted by Mike McCready | March 23rd, 2010 | No responses

In the age of social media it’s not what you say about yourself. It’s what others say about you. While we’re far from perfect and still have a lot of features to roll out, we wanted to share some of the great things we’ve read recently:

“Music Xray is just an absolutely awesome concept, and I’ve used it extensively, and with good results! You can’t say that about many of the similar type of services/sites that’s for sure. Good on ya! =) I’ve spent a lot of money for ZERO in other situations, and I won’t name names here, but suffice it to say that my experience with Music Xray has nothing to compete with. You have blown them all out of the water and made room for the true artists and the people that want to find them. Again I thank you guys for all your very hard work and abilities at connecting. That’s truly the key, connecting.” – Paul Grenier an artist via our Facebook fan page. Hear his music here.

“[Music Xray is] purely professional, the way a real business platform should be run and it’s a service that actually works.

Instead of turning up your nose with a preconception that this is just another “big” idea with no results as with other “fly by night” internet companies, think again. In fact, Music Xray is one of the best business concepts for today’s musicians seeking help from today’s music industry.” – Posted by Michael J, an industry professional who uses Music Xray to source music for his “The Great Unknowns Presents” podcast which has over 50,000 subscribers.

Music Xray does not pre-screen. You get to submit and interact directly with the people listed on the site.

The following is our commitment to artists:

In building Music Xray our intention has been, and it always will be, to solve marketplace problems for artists.
No dream vultures. We will not permit professionals on our site to peddle false hopes.
We have incorporated numerous mechanisms to ensure transparency and to encourage artist feedback.
We believe we are democratizing the ability to reach the people that can either teach you something, and/or help you gain access to mass-exposure opportunities.
If you find otherwise, contact us and we will fix the problem.

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Mike McCready is an entrepreneur at the crossroads of music and technology. He pioneered the introduction of Hit Song Science into the music industry and followed up with Music Xray, the company he co-founded and serves as CEO. His companies have been the subject of case studies at Harvard Business School, IESE and he frequently guest speaks at many of the top business schools around the world. He helps the music industry identify high potential songs and talent and helps musicians get deals, get fans, & get better: http://musicxray.com