We regret that some Music Xray artist and professional account holders have may have received an email in the past few days from someone named Doug Diamond. In his email, he makes a few false allegations and declares he is ending his relationship with Music Xray.

Our issues with Mr. Diamond:

For the past year, Mr. Diamond has been posting opportunities on Music Xray while not disclosing his employment role as the Vice President of Music Licensing at a company which holds itself out as a competitor to Music Xray. The principal partners at the said company had already been removed from Music Xray several years ago. By not disclosing this, he violated specific terms of service. We are investigating whether his activity was fraudulent to Music Xray but more importantly, to the users who paid to submit to his posted opportunities. We believe that false statements he made in his email to recipients meet the legal standards for libel.

Music Xray will begin refunding all affected users this week and we will do better to prevent these types of users from slipping through our review and approval process.

You can read about our approval process here or watch the short video below explaining our policy. This message continues below the video.

Music Xray removes industry professionals from the site when we detect mischievous activity. One sign an industry professional may be using Music Xray for the wrong reasons is that their business and livelihoods depend upon the collection of submission fees. In other words, we only work with industry professionals and companies whose primary source of income is earned through the great music deals they get for our musician users and others. This is the reason Mr. Diamond’s business associates were removed from the site and it is a contributing factor for removing Mr. Diamond. He has been locked out of his account, which of course, impedes him from reviewing further songs.

We are very sorry this occurred and offer our sincere apologies.

Music Xray is an efficient platform which uses a combination of music analysis software, crowd-sourcing of industry professionals, fan reactions, and machine learning to identify high potential songs and talent for the industry. We are obsessed with being best-in-class and with making it faster, more transparent, and less expensive for artists to have their music discovered by legitimate industry professionals. We act with integrity as do the professionals on the site. If we discover otherwise, they are removed.