Coming soon: Success prediction followed by success achievement

Posted by Mike McCready | November 1st, 2011 | 4 Responses

We have something pretty exciting to tell you. It’s kind of a big deal and possibly not everyone will “get it” at first because it’s just a small change to how Music Xray already works. But this really changes everything for so many musicians, songwriters and song owners.

As you know, Music Xray has some clever technology-driven A&R tools – more than anyone else – but the magic ingredient is the collective filtering power of the hundreds of industry professionals who use Music Xray every day to discover new songs and talent.

In a matter of days, Music Xray is going to start telling you how industry professionals are rating your music. It’s going to work like this: if any one of your songs has been submitted to professionals and rated by them at least five times, we’re going to email you to tell you the song’s average ratings.

Look at it like this. After your first few submissions, you will know how your song is being received by the professionals you’re submitting to. Even if your song has not been selected by a professional for an opportunity, it doesn’t mean they haven’t loved your music. So now, you will know.

That means, if your ratings are high – you should continue to submit. It’s probably just a matter of time. Plus, industry professionals can also see high rated songs on the site even if those songs have not been directly submitted to them. In other words, if your song is well considered by industry professionals who have received and heard your song, we’re making it visible to many industry professionals who have not heard it.

If your initial ratings are low, you will know that perhaps continued investment in the track is not warranted. Instead, you may want to consider submitting it to one of hundreds of professionals who are on the site for the sole purpose of giving you honest professional song critiques and career coaching – eventually helping you to make adjustments to your music or your submission strategy so you can go back and get deals.

Music Xray becomes a reliable predictor of commercial success and the primary tool to help musicians achieve that success!

Mike McCready is an entrepreneur at the crossroads of music and technology. He pioneered the introduction of Hit Song Science into the music industry and followed up with Music Xray, the company he co-founded and serves as CEO. His companies have been the subject of case studies at Harvard Business School, IESE and he frequently guest speaks at many of the top business schools around the world. He helps the music industry identify high potential songs and talent and helps musicians get deals, get fans, & get better: