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Songs Selected Every Day on Music Xray!

Posted by Mike McCready | February 16th, 2011 | No responses

Not a day goes by that songs and acts aren’t selected for opportunities on Music Xray. Some days the number of selected songs and acts is in the several dozens.

Be sure to check out the success stories on the site for just a few of the great opportunities being fulfilled through Music Xray.

In recent days, companies like Fuel TV, Universal Pictures, Island Def Jam and others have begun sourcing music via Music Xray. Some of these opportunities can only be found on the site if your songs are matched to the opportunities. The only way to get your songs automatically matched to opportunities is by uploading them (or having us import them for you) for free. Make sure your entire catalog is in Music Xray’s database.


Feedback on EVERY Music Xray Submission

Posted by Mike McCready | February 8th, 2011 | No responses

Up until recently, when song owners made submissions on Music Xray they would be notified when their song was listened to by the industry professional they submitted to but then would not hear anything further unless the professional wished to pursue the matter. Exceptions were made when musicians submitted to a professional who was explicitly offering feedback or career coaching.

Starting a few days ago however, we launched a feature whereby industry professionals don’t simply click a button to acknowledge they received and listened to the song, rather they now either “Select”, “Place on Hold” or “Not Select” a song for an opportunity, in which case they provide a reason or reasons for their decision not to select a song or artist.

I know this seems like the natural or normal thing to do in the day and age of web 2.0 but let’s not kid ourselves. Many emerging artists are too young to remember the days when labels, publishers and the like would not even accept unsolicited material. In my day, you’d send your demo tape or CD to a label and most likely you’d never know if it even arrived, let alone get any acknowledgement that your music had been listened to.

Getting guaranteed feedback from top A&R executives, program directors, music supervisors and more is a watershed for musicians and song owners and I am proud that Music Xray is again the first to make something like this a reality.

Music Xray: Get Deals or Get Better

Posted by Mike McCready | February 1st, 2011 | 3 Responses

Music Xray

Music Xray: Good, Better, Best

In short, that’s what Music Xray is about. If you’re not getting deals on Music Xray you may want to consider submitting to a professional for a song critique or some career coaching; or doing a focus group for your song, Music Xray’s latest feature.


Of course no on likes rejection and even The Beatles got turned down more than once. It’s just part of the process. But, if you’re consistently not being chosen for deals on Music Xray, you need to find out why.


There are now more than 1100 music industry professionals on Music Xray, all eager to hear your music. Open a free account. We’ll match your songs to opportunities for free so you know who is seeking music like yours. Then, you make it happen.



Brand New Feature: Focus Groups for Your Songs

Posted by Mike McCready | January 26th, 2011 | No responses

Results Page for Focus Groups

Results Page for Focus Groups

Do you want to know what what real music fans think of your song?

Do you want to know how the market is likely to react to your music?

Want to know if you have a hit on your hands?

You know that before you get a deal, an industry professional is going to do some market research on your music. You need to know what the results will be before they do.

Music Xray is making that possible. Simply log in to your account and click the “Conduct a Focus Group” button you’ll find on your dashboard.



TIP OF THE WEEK – Invite Others and Get Paid!

Posted by Mike McCready | January 14th, 2011 | No responses

Earn money when you invite other artists to join Music Xray.

Simply log in and click the button you see on your dashboard and follow the steps.

Also, click on the “settings” tab to see how you can use your affiliate code to tweet or post Music Xray opportunities and get paid when anyone transacts after clicking the link.

For help, contact us at

Music Xray: Probably the largest community of Music Industry Professionals (A&R’s, Supervisors, Program Directors etc.) in the World

Posted by Mike McCready | December 26th, 2010 | 1 Response


Mike McCready

Mike McCready, Music Xray Co-founder & CEO

Hello from New York,


I hope you had a good holiday break.

In 2010, the music industry began adopting new technologies like we’ve never seen before. That has resulted in more opportunities open to everyone (not just material submitted via trusted contacts), better ways for the industry to filter through large quantities of music to find the gems, and lowered risk on investments in the commercialization of music.

Music Xray has led the way, and in 2010 became what is probably the largest online community of Music Industry Professionals in the world – all eager to use the most advanced tools ever assembled to conduct A&R and to open the doors of opportunity to musicians everywhere.

We have big plans for 2011 and we hope to play a key role in helping you get the deals and exposure that you need to get your music and your career to the next level.

Below is a featured list of some of the more than 1000 opportunities open on Music Xray.

On behalf of the entire Music Xray team, we wish you a successful 2011.

Mike McCready (@mjmccready)
Co-founder & CEO


P.S. Click here to get the musician’s guide to Music Xray.

What is Music Xray Doing for Musicians?

Posted by Mike McCready | December 5th, 2010 | 1 Response

Music Xray for ArtistsSince officially launching in January of this year, Music Xray has helped artists get their music licensed on CBS, get signed to record deals, production deals and more. Be sure to check the success stories section of the site for a few of the deals we hear about.

Music Xray does not pre-screen your music. You submit directly to the professionals listed on the site. You are guaranteed that they listen and you receive confirmation when they do. Music Xray does not take a cut of your deals. Your deals are yours.

Occasionally, we create opportunities for you in partnership with labels and other entities.

Just this week we’re announcing seventeen artists and their songs have been selected for the major label-backed Music Xray Compilation – Great Tracks by Independent Acts. All artists will receive royalties from sales. It will be released across the UK in late January 2011 and three songs will be aggressively promoted to radio.

A few of the artists selected include Brave Chandeliers, Ben Novak, Simon Fagan, The Loomers, 9Giants, Val Broeksmit/Andrew Jackeri and more! The next volume is already in the process of being created so submit your music here.

Be sure to get the Music Xray musician user guide here.

New Initiative: We will pay you to listen to music!

Posted by Mike McCready | November 17th, 2010 | No responses


Music Xray needs focus group members who love music and who are willing to share their opinions & feedback.
If you are already signed up as an artist at Music Xray, just log into your account and click the “Focus Groups” tab on your dashboard.
If you are not an artist (or a music industry professional) but love music and want to be a part of focus groups, just sign up by clicking the link in the upper left corner of Music Xray and then once you are logged in, select to create a an account “as a fan” and fill out the question form.
Within a few weeks you’ll start getting focus group alerts with instructions for how to listen and get paid.


Music Xray is sponsoring the 6th Annual Florida Entertainment Summit. Click to find out more

Posted by Mike McCready | November 9th, 2010 | No responses

Invite other artists and songwriters to try Music Xray and earn some cash!

Have you ever wondered why you have an accounting display on your artist dashboard (see left)?

It’s so we can pay you. But first you have to click that other button that says, “Invite Artists”.

We pay you for every transaction someone you invite participates in.

If you love Music Xray and want to make some cash, please tell everyone.

Introducing Stealth Opportunities

Posted by Mike McCready | November 2nd, 2010 | No responses

As you can imagine, when industry professionals make it publicly known they are seeking songs for an attractive opportunity they expose themselves to being emailed, called and contacted directly by hundreds of rights holders (you know who you are… and so do we – and that’s a “no no”). It is one of the reasons many industry professionals do not accept unsolicited material.

For some of our industry users, this has become unsustainable. To insure Music Xray continues to have the best opportunities for you, we’re introducing stealth opportunities.

What is a stealth opportunity?

Stealth opportunities are not listed on the site nor in our emails and we block search engines from indexing them. The only way to find them is by having your songs matched to them through our S2O service.


You upload your songs for free from the home page of Music Xray.

You will receive an email for each of your songs letting you know which professionals are seeking songs like yours.

Some of those opportunities may be stealth opportunities – which otherwise are not listed on the site and are only available to those whose songs have “matched”.

This method helps the professionals remain under the radar yet still able to accept songs that are close to what they are seeking.

There’s never been a better reason to make full use of Music Xray’s FREE ground-breaking automatic song to opportunity matching system.

For those who have already uploaded or imported their music, you will receive S2O digests and alerts which will also include stealth opportunities. There is no need to upload your music again.