Music Xray’s Refund Policy

Posted by Mike McCready | October 30th, 2012 | 1 Response

We want to take a moment to discuss Music Xray’s refund policy for submissions to industry professionals.

Refunds when your song isnt’s heard and you don’t get a response within 45 days?

YES! We refund musicians when we can’t live up to our end of the deal, which is getting your music heard by the industry professional to whom you submit music and getting you a response from said professional or their organization within 45 days or less.

Nevertheless, our goal is to always get you the result you paid for. If you request the refund and the professional has not yet responded to you, we will refund you and remove the song you submitted from the industry professional’s inbox. We do not issue a refund if the professional has already responded to you by the time you make the refund request (even if more than 45 days have passed) since the primary goal is to deliver the response. We do our best to hold the professionals to the 45 day timeframe. Repeat offenders are usually removed from the site.

That’s what we say we do. That’s what you pay us to get done for you. If we don’t do that, you are entitled to a refund.

Almost everything else we do for you is free. We match your song to opportunities for free. We tell you how many potential fans we have identified for you for free. We recruit industry professionals and their opportunities for free. We deliver your ratings from industry professionals for free. We list your music in our search engine that is used only by approved industry professionals for free. We store, host, and display your music for free. We give you your very own online tip jar for free. You only pay us to get your music to the ears of an industry professional.

Refunds when your song is on hold for a long time?

No. The industry professional has heard your song and has responded to you that they’d like to hold your song for further consideration. That is a response. While your song is on hold, you are free to continue seeking opportunities for your song. The industry professional does not have any rights over your song. Putting your song on hold is simply their way or not rejecting the song but also not yet selecting it. All you can do is be patient. Our system reminds the industry professional every 10 days or so that they have your song on hold. Things take time. Sometimes they never happen. You just have to continue moving forward and hope for the best. 

Refunds when things don’t go well with an industry professional?

Maybe but not usually. Only in rare circumstances. We get you to the table. What happens once you get there is beyond our control. If we wanted to control it and be responsible for the outcome we wouldn’t put you directly in touch. We’d submit the song, negotiate a deal and take a large cut of the deal. We don’t do that. That’s not our business. You pay us to get you to the table. Humans are humans. Sometimes they click and deals get done quickly. Other times people just don’t mesh. 

You would not believe the number of times we hear of deals going south because the industry professional just decided the artist is being too high maintanence, doesn’t understand how the business works and the industry professional just decided it was too much effort and stopped communicating.

We vet the professionals. We have high confidence their deals / opportunities are real. We are happy to investigate any shenanigans you feel may be occurring and we will refund at our discretion in those instances.

Refunds when your song is not selected?

No. Again, we have no control over what you’re presenting to the industry professional. We have no control over how you conduct yourself, your level of experience both as a musician as well as a business professional. We get you to the table. We insure your music is heard and considered. Due to this, deals get done all the time. In fact, many get done every day via the platform. We stand on our service of getting you heard. We don’t give refunds when your music or band is not selected and we do not charge you more when you get a big deal.

How we can help.

All that said, we have an excellent customer service team and we love to help you move things along with industry professionals and help you get the deals you’re seeking and to make the most out of your communication with them. Don’t hesitate to contact us at support@musicxray.com.

Mike McCready is an entrepreneur at the crossroads of music and technology. He pioneered the introduction of Hit Song Science into the music industry and followed up with Music Xray, the company he co-founded and serves as CEO. His companies have been the subject of case studies at Harvard Business School, IESE and he frequently guest speaks at many of the top business schools around the world. He helps the music industry identify high potential songs and talent and helps musicians get deals, get fans, & get better: http://musicxray.com

  • Valyo Gennoff

    Thank you very much, Mike! I’ve had a song on hold for the first time and the article really helped me be clearer about what to expect.