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Is Music Xray a Scam? Is it Legit? What the heck is this thing?

Posted by Mike McCready | July 23rd, 2012 | 5 Responses

I’m going to delve into a topic we hear about from time to time. It’s when a potential user objects to using Music Xray because they suspect it’s a scam of some sort, or that Music Xray takes advantage of the aspirations of millions of musicians by charging them to take a shot at something they have almost no chance of achieving.


I could go on about all the obvious evidence to the contrary (and I will below this paragraph), but I want to start by saying that the only way you’re going to know with 100% certainty that Music Xray performs as advertised is to give it a try (for free, of course). When you open a free account as an artist, we give you a $4 credit, which enables you to get a free submission. There are many submission opportunities on the site that only cost $4. If you click here and scroll down you can see many of them. At the time of this writing, there appear to be about eighty opportunities of this type. When they say “free”, it means there is no submission fee and you only pay the transaction fee of $4. When you apply your $4 credit that we give you when you open the account, you pay nothing, so you can see for yourself if this thing really works. We’re also giving you a samplefree Fan Match campaign, so you can test our other service out too. If you decide you don’t like them, don’t use them again. No strings. No catches. Really.


So, now let’s address head-on the subject of Music Xray’s legitimacy.


Before Music Xray, getting to a decision maker in the music industry required knowing someone or gaining access to someone, usually through a painstaking networking process that could take weeks or months to pan out. When you did finally get your music into the hands of the decision maker, you frequently had to be the guy or gal following up, calling, asking, “Have you listened yet? What did you think?” Then, in the best of cases, you could only do that so often. It’s not like you had five opportunities like that lined up every day, right?


Sure, there were tip sheets but even after you sent in your CD, bio, pics, etc., you still rarely even received acknowledgement they had been received, let alone received a response in return. That process was also very expensive because while you did all that work, you had to pay rent and feed yourself, not to mention sacrifice time and energy you could have spent doing what you do best; make music.


So, Music Xray has created an online set of tools that A&R professionals, talent buyers, agents, managers, program directors, publishers, music supervisors, and music podcasters use to identify opportunity-appropriate and high potential songs and talent. Once we could demonstrate it was working, we achieved the engagement of a sizable part of the industry; then slowly, we opened the doors to independent musicians everywhere. If you’re just hearing about us, welcome. We’ve been here for a couple years, proving ourselves, getting ready for the big time.


Sure, Music Xray charges a few bucks and we don’t apologize for that. We get a result for you that, via any other means, costs you a lot more time and money. There’s no mystery to it. We are simply able to reduce the time and money it costs by combining some new technology with the efficiencies and capabilities of the Internet. We don’t create the opportunities. We don’t create the music. So, we don’t get paid when a deal between you and an industry professional gets done. Your deals are yours.

Our job is to find the opportunities and bring the industry professionals and decision makers to the table. To do that, we provide them with a compelling set of online tools that helps them do their job more effectively and efficiently – to the extent that professionals who are not using Music Xray are finding themselves at a professional disadvantage vs. those who are. We keep the industry professionals engaged with a great product. The platform we’ve built (and continue to build) is complex and expensive. So is keeping the lights on while providing a second-to-none user support team. Even so, we’re able to keep your costs very low. Due to Music Xray, you can pursue many more opportunities simultaneously and at a lower cost.


We have created a system for musicians via which getting to a decision maker is no longer about who-you-know. Isn’t a level playing field exactly what independent musicians had been demanding for decades? Doesn’t everyone want a sure-fire way of getting their music to the ears of the professionals who matter?


Being able to reach them immediately, at the click of a button, and for a few dollars sure beats the old way. If you don’t think so, don’t sweat it. You don’t have to stop doing it the old way in order to give Music Xray a try.

One day, doing it the old way will seem as strange to people as an accountant in today’s world still using an abacus to calculate their clients’ taxes. Those guys either switched over to new technology or they were long ago outcompeted by accountants using calculators and computers.


If Music Xray doesn’t save you time and money, we’re doing it wrong. Our service is one that reduces inefficiency and creates transparency in an industry that historically has been murky and sometimes completely opaque. Industry professionals and musicians alike are finding Music Xray refreshing. Check for yourself. Do a live Twitter search for musicxray.


If you have questions about Music Xray’s business model, the submission fees, or just think you should never pay anyone to hear your music, click here.


If you have questions about what exactly happens when you submit a song via Music Xray click here.


Lastly, and only to drive the point home, you can see an extensive list of success stories here. Those success stories include major label signings, major motion picture placement, major and cable network television placement, contestants on The Voice who started at Music Xray and so on. Between 50 and 70 songs per day are selected for opportunities via Music Xray EACH DAY.


And if that’s still not enough to adequately answer the question, one can note some of our investors: They include Digital Assets Deployment, True Global Ventures / Dušan Stojanović / David Rose, Wharton Professor Josh Eliashberg, New York investor Hal Vogel and so on. Reputable investors examine companies carefully before investing. They do not invest in companies that are not providing true value or companies they fear may be exposed for operating less than 100% above board. If something like that were to happen, it would ruin their investment. In the meantime, the company would never reach profitability if it didn’t generate satisfied users who find value in the service. Reputable investors wouldn’t touch a company with a ten-foot pole if they suspected it of running a scam.


And that says nothing of the marquee brand name companies that work with Music Xray. MTV, RCA (Sony), Sire (Warner), Parlophone (EMI), The Voice, NBC’s Jimmy Lloyd Songwriting Showcase etc. These are not typically companies that would work with ill-reputed businesses. But they are companies that are forward-thinking and want to use the latest technologies to help them identify new songs and talent.


If you still have questions, get in touch with our team via and we’ll be happy to provide additional information. Bookmark this post and consider sharing it with fellow musicians. As a small company, we don’t have big PR budgets. Help us make sure all musicians know about a music tech company leveling the playing field by posting this to Facebook, Twitter, or just getting involved in our affiliate program and earning some money to offset your submission costs here on Music Xray.




Mike McCready

Co-founder & CEO

Music Xray

Mike McCready is an entrepreneur at the crossroads of music and technology. He pioneered the introduction of Hit Song Science into the music industry and followed up with Music Xray, the company he co-founded and serves as CEO. His companies have been the subject of case studies at Harvard Business School, IESE and he frequently guest speaks at many of the top business schools around the world. He helps the music industry identify high potential songs and talent and helps musicians get deals, get fans, & get better:

  • Tom

    I love what the site is doing as far as opportunities, but I hate what the site is doing in regards to the responses from the industry professionals in regards to submissions. For example, my diagnostics for one of my songs has 6 professionals rating at 92% for all categories. Now if my song for the oppurtunities submitted in gets put under “Not Selected”, I sure as hell would like to know why, considering I PAID to have it rated amongst professionals, and also submitted for review. How can I trust a review of my song was done properly if the professional running a submission can’t even give the time of day to leave a 5 sentence reason on why something was not selected. I believe stricter guidelines needs to be done considering the costs we are paying. The site is fair, but this should be tightened up.

  • Chad

    You make great points however by saying that the ones getting listened to for a ‘fee’
    is the definition of corruption I think Thaddeus was trying to make. Yes there’s always been payola, yes its always been a dirty business and probably always will be. I’d really be interested in how many hit songs came thru your comp. thanks

  • Yes , i have entered & received runner – up status for VH1 SONGOFTHEYEAR.COM USA however never received any good feedback from my time on
    All i have received after paying a submission fee is Good Candidate but Does Make The Final Cut.I was expecting a paragraph or so n what to improve on.
    I had one MIP told me to alter a track with a more Hookier Vibe at the early however after further placement he replied with that comment …NO constructive feedback at all.Another MIP claiming under the UMG Umbrella asked me to send in more tracks after the first one , however in his reply he said my Tone was not good enough ! I was like Dude…why did not say that from the first track ..surely one would have known that without myself wasting more money in sub fees.

    Also now its not free anyway because you have to pay for the Diagnostic fee in addition to a any submission via


  • Benito Layton

    Well as someone who has been accepted in the past I will let you guys on the inside scoop of things:

    My Song “Still” was accepted and I did get a contact within the hip hop industry, we exchanged emails and everything but this is the catch here guys…. Even when you do get selected and the person hears your music or whatever the case is…. they pretty much want you to submit 2-3 more songs so they can see what they’re working with…

    so my advice to everyone is yea send out your best music, but you also want like 2 -3 other KILLER songs that will put the person in awe after you get in contact iwth them to really blow them away…

    unfortunately i did not know this at the time but now if i ever get accepted again i am prepared in the future… all a learning curve i guess.

    hope this helps, wish you luck my fellow music fam


  • Andy Kotz

    These “industry decision makers” (i.e; “Music Industry Professionals” or MIP’s) that are listening and critiquing songs (for a fee no less) are a joke! I know some of the people (and their sordid reputations) enlisted and they have always been unscrupulous types, lurking on the fringes of the music industry. Businesses like Music X-Ray and MusicClout (and there are others) just gave these low-level, wannabe’s a platform to stand on and boast of their meaningless and worthless accomplishments. I don’t belong to any the services (anymore) and have managed to create my own opportunities and have established a meager but nonetheless, reputable career as a composer in film and tv, through due diligence. Only to see clearly what opportunists these companies are. Preying on the dreamers. It’s not enough to just “say all the right things” (Mike McCready) to “sound” like a legitimate businessman… hell, politicians are the biggest liars on the planet and they too have script writers to make them say all the things we supposedly want to hear… Bottom line is this, these companies survive and profit from the dreamers who (honestly) should pocket their money and either work harder at their craft (or realize it’s just a hobby) or give it up altogether and spend the money on YOURSELF.Easier said than done…