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Some industry endorsements for Music Xray

Posted by Mike McCready | October 2nd, 2012 | 5 Responses

We are thrilled to share some of these awesome recent industry endorsements with you:

Music Xray works. It does. It’s undeniable. I myself have found several bands using the site that I’ve begun to work with. We’ve already signed one of them, w.e.r.m., to Universal Republic. It makes identifying talent much more efficient. – Jeff Blue, RockShop Music, Atlantic Records

Music Xray gives curators like me a competitive advantage when it comes to identifying great songwriters. Within a short time of using the site we discovered talent that we’ve featured on the show. It’s become a primary way we find great material. Music Xray is the most efficient mechanism to assess the hundreds of submissions we receive each week from artists who want to be on our program.” –Jimmy Lloyd, Executive Producer and Host, The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase on NBC

I love it! Music Xray has been integral A&R scouting source for my operation and I always look forward to reviewing to material from artists, writers, managers. –Jake Livingston, Epic Records (Sony)

Music Xray has helped my business by providing comprehensive tools to find and manage some of the best talent I’ve found anywhere. Thanks to Music Xray, over the last year alone, we have signed over 25 bands, artists, and groups to publishing/licensing deals, with many more still under consideration. I have also hand picked hundreds of songs from every genre imaginable, to pitch to our wide variety of clientele. Music Xray holds the keys to success for so many artist, while pioneering a new frontier in the music business. –Charlie Mac, Music Supervisor/SR VP. of A&R/Music Publisher/Music Producer

I prefer to manage music submission with Music Xray because it keeps me organized and seperates the music from my regular everyday emails. I’m able to track all of my submissions in the Music Xray hub which makes for an easy to navigate platform. –Eric Mclellan, A&R, Sire Records (Warner Music Group)

I prefer to manage music submission with Music Xray because of the easy accessibility of the site. In doing what I do, I have people sending me music from all over and in a variety of formats, from CD to MP3. With Music Xray I can access my submissions from wherever I am in the world, and I have a clean record of songs I have accepted, as well as communications that I have started. –Cliff Audretch, Sr. Director A&R / Staff Producer – Show Dog (Universal Music Group).

Music Xray gives me a professional advantage because it makes it possible for artists from all over the world to contact me. It also helps me form musical relationships that have realized some brilliant productions. They would never have happened without Music Xray. It’s the second best invention after the internet!!! – Stuart Epps, producer of Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Chris Rea, George Harrison, Mick Fleetwood, Barry White, George Michael, Mark Owen, Cliff Richard, Twisted Sister, Brian Adams, Oasis, Kiki Dee, Robbie Williams, Bill Wyman and Elton John.

I like Music Xray because it creates an instant one on one interaction between the artist and music professionals in the music business. The advanced system they have developed keeps screeners focused on the song itself which Is the fuel that keeps the music business going. -Jody Friedman, Music Supervisor, HBO, MTV, Showtime, ABC, NBC, Discovery, Bravo…

Music Xray lets me source all my A&R requirements in one place. Consistant high quality music that fits the brief for my requirements. Music Xray does that time after time. -Andy Lee, LOVE TO INFINITY RECORDS

Music Xray has helped my business by broadening my choices for writers and producers in addition to my team. Now we are delivering music faster at a level that’s far beyond the scope of excellence. -William “Junebug” Lee, The Bullets Production Team

Music Xray has become a very valuable tool for me as I seek out the next generation of great artists, producers, and songwriters to work with. I know when I listen to music submissions through Music Xray, I’m hearing music from artists who take their career seriously enough to invest in themselves. I am currently working with 2 producers and songwriters I discovered through Music Xray, and I know there are more to come.” – Ric “DJ Form” Robbins, Incorporated Elements

I like music Xray because it allows me to filter down to artist who take their craft serious. I can find records I need for my projects as well as find a diamond in the ruff artist all in a one stop shop model. Music Xray is the new A&R online department of a label. –Willie Baker, H2 Label Group

Music Xray has helped my business by taking my business globally instead of locally. It makes connecting to unsigned artist easier and efficient. –Robert Simmons 4th, Soul Shift Music

Music Xray is good for the music business because it gives everyone worldwide a chance to play in the major leagues! You no longer have to live in one of the major music hubs to get noticed. Alex Torrez, Torrez Music Group / Lawrence Music Group

Music Xray is good for the music business because it is the gatekeeper to the vast ocean of music around the globe and is making it so much easier for music professionals to find new talent by being exposed to a larger pool than was humanly possible before Music Xray. I’m excited to see what the future will bring via Music Xray but I see BIG things happening for the MX Team! –Nan Cassidy, Branding Outside the Lines, Nashville

I like Music Xray because it allows us to source new artists and new music for our current artists in one easy to use place. –Abbiko Music Group Enquiry Team

Music Xray has helped my business by introducing me to serious artists who are driven, passionate, and thirsty to succeed. Music Xray is also great for the industry. The model provides ears of top level executives. Due to this, artists have become stronger writers, producers, arrangers, and composers. – Eddie “Sea” Caldwell, Music of the Sea

Music Xray is on the cutting edge of technology, and it’s great for the music business. The platform really gives artist the opportunity to get their music in front of real decision makers. We just released an album called “Makaveli Returns, The Mixtape Vol. 1”, (please forgive the shameless plug), and 9 out of the 15 songs on the album are from artist we signed using Music Xray. The site is invaluable to us! –Kendrick Lesane, CEO of Makaveli Music Group, LLC.

Music Xray is so far the best because we successfully found talented and professional musicians thru its tool. Its system save our time by listening to all the song msubmissions with one click. –KCS Entertainment

Mike McCready is an entrepreneur at the crossroads of music and technology. He pioneered the introduction of Hit Song Science into the music industry and followed up with Music Xray, the company he co-founded and serves as CEO. His companies have been the subject of case studies at Harvard Business School, IESE and he frequently guest speaks at many of the top business schools around the world. He helps the music industry identify high potential songs and talent and helps musicians get deals, get fans, & get better: