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Music Xray & Soundcloud Partnership Garners 2,176 Successes

Posted by Mike McCready | August 15th, 2012 | 2 Responses

A year ago, Music Xray and Soundcloud partnered to automatically match Soundcloud users’ tracks to real music industry opportunities. In that time, 2,176 Soundcloud musicians have been selected for opportunities on Music Xray. That’s 35.7% of the SoundCloud musicians who made submissions in that timeframe! That kind of success rate in unheard of!

Below is an infographic that highlights just 10 of those success stories. If you are a Soundcloud user and you would like your tracks automatically matched, just activate the Music Xray app in the Soundcloud App Gallery.

Musicians land deals they don’t even pursue… A new kind of Music Xray success story.

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As Music Xray’s new search engine and collective A&R system kick in (where we show your highly rated songs to even more industry professionals), we’re starting to hear from more musicians who are being selected for deals they did not even pursue. Check out this example from Zaccheri Gray who writes…


My song “Lullabyes Baby” was recently selected for the upcoming Errand Boys Movie.

I have also been nominated for “Best Singer/Songwriter and Best Solo Artist” by the All Indie Music Awards.

Again my song “Lullabyes Baby” was selected for the Hurricane Relief Project.

Also I got this incredible feedback from Wayne Thompson: who wrote…
“…an amazing talent. One of the brightest I have heard in a long time.”
Wayne Thompson (former manager of Harry Belafonte, Tanya Tucker and The Nylons)

So far I am very happy with my progress on Music Xray and thought I would share!



Read more success stories here.


Remember: Participate in Focus Groups and Invite Fans!

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Music Xray is building a database of music fans. When you invite fans, we pay you more for the focus groups in which you participate. We pay you even more again when those you invite actually sign-up with a fan account.

Just log in to your artist account and click the button that invites fans. Enter the email address (or import the addresses) of those you’d like to invite and click the button.

The more fans we collectively bring to the site, the richer the experience will be for everyone!


Log in to invite fans

You’re invited to Music Xray – What is it?

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Music Xray is where thousands of music industry professionals conduct A&R in complete transparency.

We had some extra marketing money this week so we just thought we’d give it directly to you. So, for a limited time, when you open an artist account on Music Xray, this is what you get:


1. Free uploading and/or importing of your music.
2. Free song to opportunity matching.
3. A free credit to get you started (enough for one submissions to one major label).
4. A free focus group conducted on your music (we’ll pay 25 people to provide feedback on your music).
5. Guaranteed feedback on every submission.
6. Guaranteed response time (or your money back).

Industry Talks About Music Xray

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More mainstream awareness for Platinum Blue!

On May 9, 2008 Platinum Blue’s Music Xray™ was a central part of the story line on the CBS television series Numb3rs. As we’ve seen before in the NBC series Studio 60: On The Sunset Strip, Platinum Blue makes for good and interesting drama. Music Xray is not always portrayed accurately but that’s part of the dramatization.

In this episode of Numb3rs (called “Pay To Play”), a music label president is paying radio stations to play songs from one of the artists signed to his label in spite of the fact the public isn’t buying while on the other hand he refuses to sign an artist whose Music Xray™ scores are very high. The label owner is even paying the radio stations not to play his songs. It results in murder and intrigue.

Thankfully, in this case fiction is stranger than truth. Click on the video below to see some scenes from the show.