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We’re bringing back our weekly opportunity and fan match digest!

Posted by Mike McCready | April 30th, 2014 | 148 Responses

As you may know, Music Xray previously delivered a weekly digest to all musicians with songs uploaded into their accounts. The digest alerts musicians when industry professionals are seeking songs that specifically sound like songs they have in their accounts. These digests had been discontinued over a year ago while we did some readjusting of the service. Now they’re back and here’s why you should care!

When industry professionals list new opportunities on Music Xray, we enable them to upload songs that sound and feel like what they are seeking. This is especially useful for music supervisors who may have a scene in a movie for which they need music. Maybe they would like to use “Satisfaction” by Rolling Stones but the movie’s budget isn’t millions of dollars, which would be required to license that recording. When the supervisor uploads “Satisfaction” into their dashboard, we have software developed by Queen Mary University in London that analyzes the acoustic properties of the song and understands what it sounds like.

Musicians with similar sounding tracks in their accounts are then alerted via these new weekly digests!

Pay attention to the digests to see if any industry professionals are seeking songs specifically like yours. Also, make sure you have all your music uploaded to your account. You only receive alerts for songs you have uploaded (for free) into your Music Xray account.

Additionally, new music fans sign up to Music Xray every day and we classify their music taste. So our digests ALSO alert you when we’ve detected new fans whose taste profile matches your music’s sound and feel. When you have new potential fans, you can target them by clicking the “Target Fans” button next to each song on your dashboard. You can also see your opportunity matches there by clicking the “Sonic Opportunity Matches” button.

Mike McCready is an entrepreneur at the crossroads of music and technology. He pioneered the introduction of Hit Song Science into the music industry and followed up with Music Xray, the company he co-founded and serves as CEO. His companies have been the subject of case studies at Harvard Business School, IESE and he frequently guest speaks at many of the top business schools around the world. He helps the music industry identify high potential songs and talent and helps musicians get deals, get fans, & get better:

  • Prophet Tony

    brother Golden6 I feel the same way , as the above musician and I have had it over over and over with Reverbnation about the same thing, they will practically sware on the Bible that your sound and songs are like he category of the artist that a promoter is looking for ,then you get a rejection notice that says: sorry your music just didn’t fit the jonder in which we were looking for and they still don’t think its their fault for lying in the first place


    Thought-provoking comments – Incidentally if others want a CA DMV 65 MCP , my wife filled a blank document here

  • Gabapentin

    Nice shill, man.

  • Gabapentin

    And herein lies the rub. As long as you put the industry before the artist, you will be worthless to the artist.

  • yes , well listen to this ..I have garnered 3 VH1 SONG AWARDS if they are real by the VH1 ..I have spend about 1 k on submissions with x ray during a span of 3 years or so maybe longer…its always the same reply ..Good Candidate but does not make the final cut..or some lame excuse like the chorus comes in to late…ect. Then i wrote some great new Pop . ..sent in ans the reply is Not what were seeking…i mean so ok what are you seeking.? please enlighten one so we know ? the system is haphazard in that it does specify what style of Pop or Genre similar sounding artists in most listings
    Seeking Pop… Rock or what ever… so one waste s money on sending in for nothing.Its a Joke.

  • Hello Mike ..Please read my reply at the caption below..? I would like to know your comments ?

  • Tracey Mustaca

    agreed music exray just has you keep paying.. and if you don’t go there all the time- you can miss if there was anything. there is no good way of connecting – just chances that really ust give you advice on how to change what you have. Original is really not what they want. so…. agreed to person above regarding what Mike McCready said. maybe he should write, produce, record original music and have someone act as if you don’t do enough with your own money and talent. ugh!

  • Tracey Mustaca

    wow, inciteful and right on … feel like my daughter Tivoli Sye should be done with them then..too crazy! always pay , pay pay… I agree illegitimate cite

  • Tracey Mustaca

    right !

  • Tracey Mustaca

    no you can just have gigs or try to submit yourself to companies. direct.

  • Tracey Mustaca

    so you aren’t paying the artist you are asking for money right or wrong?

  • Tracey Mustaca

    and can then spend money on all the submissions and then get turned down…not really hear from the real people just someone giving a terse short comment.

  • Courtney Schumacher

    How do you GET a gig? And what if you only have one or two songs? Suppose you’d had to have a producer dub sounds into a recording to get it the way you wanted? “Hi, guys! I’d like to play this tape for you…”

  • john

    So Called Sub Par Musicians Titled on this Site get Recognition on other sites, even from Stuart Epps and his Resume makes this site Sub Par , 🙂

  • john

    And just Feed the Sharks who take Every Ones Money but have no Artistic Talent Themselves , Sounds Foolish.

  • john

    Go find another Cheaper or Free site , Internet is Full of them’

  • john

    You say, without Showing any Proof, 🙂

  • john

    Opportunity Matches are a Joke, my 11 year old Daughters original song was matched up for a Country Music Song, and more than once and it does not even come Close, LOL Site.

  • Russell Alexander

    Well, I feel I gave this a fair shot. After over four months, despite paying the $10 fee per song, some haven’t even gotten five reviews yet. Out of three submissions, two were rejected (after over a month) with no more than “great song, but not quite right”.


    The third STILL hasn’t been accepted or rejected. That’s right, folks. Over four months.

    I’m not a beginner. I’ve had songs in movies, six albums, toured all over the world, got tons of airplay and reviews on the most recent album (released in May), and have been doing this for over 40 years. I thought I would give this service a try. I even bought the book they were hawking.

    At this point, they haven’t even delivered on their basic promise: pay up front, get reviews quickly, get decisions quickly. If they can’t do their “guaranteed” service, doesn’t seem like much else can be counted on.

    And FCC, don’t whine about how much it cost to start Music XRay. That’s your decision. Any decent online business will cost that. I’m sure you’ve made it all back plus more. Again, you promise more than you can deliver – like most of the shark sites.

    Own it.

  • Dtrance 6

    How come, music xray, wont let me import from sound cloud any more..Keep’s on saying app’s apply to your song….All the rest of my songs, that are imported from sound cloud work..? any help please…Thes 3x track link’s won’t import to xray

  • Phoenyx Williams

    Mike can you give us some proof? Some actual musicians who made money or were noticed by a major label from using Music XRay? I have yet to hear any artist give this site any credit

  • Migdalia Torres

    I have had my Song about the World Trade Center Disaster up and no one is biting. How can a Song about an Event be up and no takers? Can someone get back to me on that one?

  • myrna robinson

    just put your songs on youtube and keep promoting it yourself these companies just want your money they are not going to help

  • john

    Looks like B/S to us, our Opportunities matched to us say Country Music, Not even Close and our 11 year old Daughters Song, The World is Our Home, matched up to Domestic Violence??? What the. Nah, come on, can not even lie straight.

  • Alligatorbites

    we are making money in cdbaby than here….all songs are good because they all are written from different artists but the ones who will judge our songs to be signed, looks like money making, hope not,

  • Melody Stuart

    if it is your passion then keep on going = to hell with them I did and have gotten over 30 pub deals and then some it takes a long time and is a process keep listening to whats out there try not to be a copy cat but do.Because all in the end they are looking for the same stuff just not the real artist whom they would have to pay millions to use their song. \
    1. upfront small fee 2
    . sync 3. royalties. etc….. just keep doing what your doing never give up.
    and there are other resources besides musicxray

  • Michael L Rose

    I’m just trying to make it, if some one like my music, I take that ass my accomplishment

  • Arnold Cifax Jr.

    Has anyone here EVER made money through Music Xray? If so whats ur story?

  • Regardless, it is always best to have your songs ready on MusicXray just in case someone can use it: Roxolid SkyBBC @

  • We create you a website
    A brand look for digital marketing.
    Promote your single on all our networks. Over 100,000 audience.
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  • We create you a website
    A brand look for digital marketing.
    Promote your single on all our networks. Over 100,000 audience.
    1 Collaboration with mix and mastering & more.
    Before you think to pay ANYONE invest in yourself first and you will benifit. The money seperates those willing to work and those looking for hand outs. We are a established orginized business for working artist. Good Vibe Music. @settaxy @g00dvibemusic contact stay blesses

  • patrick mclean

    This is lit.♨♨♨music is a great movement for young upcoming

  • Charlene Miller

    I love writing I do my own Lyrics music from a friend have done two cds been on Musicxray but will not give up this is a passion for me

  • john

    Compete for the Big Deals?? Like throw a few Thousand into Submissions and lose the Lot as there is no Guarentee that any Submission will even be Picked from an Artist on this Site , better to keep that few Thousand and Make Music .

  • Murray Edmunds

    It’s very easy for Music X-ray to fob off artists who are brave enough to admit that their songs have attracted no interest with the narrative that their material is therefore, by definition, not good enough. This also serves as a great deterrent to others making the same complaint. I too have had only responses like ‘nice song, but not quite what I’m looking for’. One recent entry that I thought met a very specific brief perfectly was dismissed as ‘not to my personal taste’! This begs the question of whether there really was an end user for whom a song was being sought and whose taste might be considered as more relevant than the ‘MIP’ who was ‘searching’. Not one of the songs I have submitted has received less than a commended certificate in the UK Songwriting Contest (which also demands entry payments from artists) and most have reached the semi-final stages, meaning they were adjudged to be within the best 20% of entries. Does this level of success in the UKSWC mean I am still only a ‘subpar musician’? (To coin the phrase used by Music X-ray in response to its customers)

  • Mel Devonne

    music xray is the best con game since two card molly

  • guitar lady

    what does it take. i have sites that say taking rough demos and i send one in and they say it needs better quality. well no shit!!! use your imagination and if you sign me up we would have to record another one anyhow. i think this site just takes your money

  • Michael Rey

    I’ll keep submitting. I just try not to eat out so much. Music Xray Submission prices are fair. The price of a hot dog is too much. Buying the hot dog will never make me a better Songwriter. Submissions & Critiques will. My songwriting career is my 3rd biggest investment. Behind my house & my car. I wouldn’t use saranwrap to fix the roof of my house. Nor, will I put cheap gas in my car. The same, goes for my songs. Use Music Xray as I do and you’ll never look at Maintenance costs quite the same way again. If your house or your car isn’t selling. Who’s to blame? I think the same goes for my songs.

  • same to me lolz

  • Dan Bires

    Industry Pros. who are they. invisible people that everyone on here seems to have Faith in.

  • Charles M Lee

    So how do you know when you have a valid criticism of musicxray and not just sour grapes over continued rejection? I have been rejected so much I think my name is “not what we are looking for.” Rejection is hard, but the industry works like this. There are professional reps who peddle their contacts and knowledge of music that handle potential songs. They don’t do it for free. Music Xray seems to provide that service. Yet one can’t help but be skeptical, particularly with the fan targeting. I guess the word for that is “so what.” Okay so people like my song, but it doesn’t seem to mean a thing. Music can be a very frustrating field as can any bold endeavor outside the reigns of a 9 to 5. Get used to hearing no, but also carefully check the company you are dealing with. And try and soul search to see what is a legitimate concern and what is just frustration over so many rejections.

  • Merry Citoli

    Hi Mr. McCready,

    I have some feedback on your company that I hope might help you build a better repore with the artists. Before you offer a new service, you need to build confidence in your company with the artists before attempting to sell them on something else.

    Your customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I have tried contact them now about four times, and have yet to hear anything back regarding the issues I needed help with. Your fan match program appears to have issues. I have a song that I received over 16 emails on for new fans, yet only two of them actually show up under the targeted fans on the site for that particular song. I for one am hesitant to put out any further money to your company unless your customer service department can at the very least address the emails I have sent regarding this problem. I don’t know if other artists are having this problem, but it appears there is the potential for it to happen to others as well if you aren’t regarding emails being sent to you. I am not sure I understand your rating system, but what I do know is that it appears to be based on the industry people’s scores as well as the fans you get from the song. This means that if the industry “PROS” are looking at these scores, they might be less likely to go with a song due to it’s lower scored. A score that is being influenced by a glitch in your programming and not by an accurate tally of fans.

    It’s disappointing to me that I have to post a comment in a thread that is not exactly recent, in order to find a way to contact someone at your company.

  • Paolo Basso

    How i do play my account
    Pbmatrics _name_artist
    General – Paolo Basso Pisa Italy
    Via bracci torsi 70
    Account Facebook Paolo.basso.7568

  • David Grey Cospelich

    I’m very thankful for the service as Ive had several songs selected and on hold as we speak, but I’m having a hard time with some of these contract’s they want me to sign. Is there anyone on Music Xray that you recommend using to help in this process that has the Writer’s and Artist best interest at heart? You can PM me or email a reference if possible.

  • wolf

    never let what other musicians or labels get to you,,keep pushin on,,if you truely love music just write what you feel,and play.the beatles were rejected over 100 times,my band had over 700k regesterd fans,we never lost a live battel of the bands becouse they showed up.we never asked for a record deal..we did everything ourselfs and so can you,,so go to ur local college radio and play,,good place to start..

  • Tha Soprano

    They can tell you how good your song is; ask somebody to review it for quality of production, a song style and etc.

  • Robert Dunn

    Subpar?????? When you listen to the mindless crap that passes for ‘music’ that makes the media moguls wealthy it’s hard for an experienced musician (creating in a non-pop genre) to consider them musicians at all!!!!

  • Repent House
    Rock guitar instrumentals and progressive blues!