It’s true. In September of 2014 Music Xray is hosting dozens of the MIPs you see on the site in Barcelona for our first annual Music Xray Day! They are all sticking around for Future Music Forum, which starts the very next day in the same venue. THEN, many are sticking around for the weekend, when Barcelona throws itself one hell of a party. It’s the best weekend all year to be in this amazing city. Trip Advisor calls it “The biggest, baddest, loudest, happiest, ‘fire-iest’ mother of a festival ever.” Microsoft recently featured it in a TV ad which you can see here:


Then, forward it to us at and we’ll get you in the invite-only list to Music Xray Day, which takes place the day before, on September 17th.

You’ll be hanging with top A&R’s, music supervisors, managers, producers, radio station program directors, label heads, and music tech founders and CEOs. You’ll hear insightful panels, keynote addresses, TED Talk-style presentations and some fantastic music.

Think, music in the streets, parties, incredible nightlife, and it all culminates with an impressive fireworks display that rivals New York’s 4th of July bravura.

Day 1 of the event will be an exclusive, invitation-only session just for professionals and artists with Music Xray accounts. Days 2 & 3 will be a larger event with pre-approved participants, there to do business, mix, and network.

Space is limited so go here to get your badge. Then, once you have it, forward it to so we can get you on the list for Music Xray Day.

Sticking around to experience some of the weekend is worth it. In addition to everything that’s happening around the city (music, street parties, human castles, and the baddest fireworks display you may ever see), we’ll be organizing some group activities like a boating outing, maybe some beach volleyball, and some dining in Barcelona’s world class restaurant scene. These things will have a pro-rata additional cost for those who want to take part but we’ll do a good job of keeping it real.

By the way, the festival itself lasts through Wednesday the 24th and the fireworks display is the night of Tuesday the 23rd so you’d have to stay through then to see it, but there’s plenty going on Saturday and Sunday for you to feel like you experienced it.

More on the festival below.

We recommend that you start booking now. A couple modest but decent hotels that are centrally located and near the evening activities (and a short taxi ride to the main conference venue)

Market Hotel

Silken Concordia

Hotel Evenia Rocafort.

Things to do in Barcelona.