We’re bringing back our weekly opportunity and fan match digest!

Posted by Mike McCready | April 30th, 2014 | 160 Responses

As you may know, Music Xray previously delivered a weekly digest to all musicians with songs uploaded into their accounts. The digest alerts musicians when industry professionals are seeking songs that specifically sound like songs they have in their accounts. These digests had been discontinued over a year ago while we did some readjusting of the service. Now they’re back and here’s why you should care!

When industry professionals list new opportunities on Music Xray, we enable them to upload songs that sound and feel like what they are seeking. This is especially useful for music supervisors who may have a scene in a movie for which they need music. Maybe they would like to use “Satisfaction” by Rolling Stones but the movie’s budget isn’t millions of dollars, which would be required to license that recording. When the supervisor uploads “Satisfaction” into their dashboard, we have software developed by Queen Mary University in London that analyzes the acoustic properties of the song and understands what it sounds like.

Musicians with similar sounding tracks in their accounts are then alerted via these new weekly digests!

Pay attention to the digests to see if any industry professionals are seeking songs specifically like yours. Also, make sure you have all your music uploaded to your account. You only receive alerts for songs you have uploaded (for free) into your Music Xray account.

Additionally, new music fans sign up to Music Xray every day and we classify their music taste. So our digests ALSO alert you when we’ve detected new fans whose taste profile matches your music’s sound and feel. When you have new potential fans, you can target them by clicking the “Target Fans” button next to each song on your dashboard. You can also see your opportunity matches there by clicking the “Sonic Opportunity Matches” button.

Microsoft Makes a TV Ad Featuring Barcelona’s “La Mercè” Fesitval

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As you may know, Music Xray Day and the 5th annual Future Music Forum take place in Barcelona this September 17, 18, & 19. It leads into the best weekend all year to be in Barcelona. It’s the city’s famous La Mercè Fesitival, when the city puts on one of the world’s biggest parties.

Come join us. If you’re a professional on Music Xray, you’re invited to Music Xray Day and the rest of Future Music Forum. Artists can come for just €150. Click here.

Introducing Needlestack Music Search for Music Xray Industry Professionals

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Introducing Version 1 of Needlestack Music Search. It’s pretty cool and is already resuting in many more professionals finding the songs and acts they want to work with.

Our intention with this product is to make it an indispensable tool for industry professionals, giving a competitive advantage to those who use it and leaving those who don’t behind. Given that it’s free, there’s no reason not to give it a try and decide for yourself.

We’re announcing it’s launch today, April 14th at Sync Summit Paris. Click the video below to see how it works.

Music Xray featured in Bloomberg BusinessWeek

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