How we calculate your cost per acquired fan.

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When you launch a new Fan Match campaign, you pay $1 for every three potential fans we target for you.

So, a campaign that costs $20 would target 60 potential fans.

If every potential fan we target becomes an actual fan of yours (meaning they agree to give their email address to you), the cost per fan would be $0.33 per fan. Right? You would acquire three fans for every dollar you spent, so about 33 cents per acquired fan.

But not 100% of the people who hear your track are likely to love it, statistically speaking. So, let’s be more realistic and say that instead you acquire 31 fans out of the 60 potential fans. That means each fan will have cost you $0.64. That’s still amazing considering how much fans are worth over the lifetime of your career if you know how to manage your fan relationships.

That’s the basic way we calculate the cost of your fans and we reflect that when we show you the results as seen below:

But now, let’s say you get a $3.00 tip from one of your new fans. That $3.00 means that instead of $20, your campaign only cost you $17. So, if you run a campaign targeting 60 potential fans and you get 39 actual fans out of it, and one of them gives you a $3.00 tip, your cost per actual fan becomes $0.43 ($17 divided by 39 fans = $0.43).

Below, we should you, 1. The number of fans acquired. 2. The amount you’ve received in tips from your new fans. 3. The cost per each fan you’ve acquired. 4. The email addresses of your new fans.

Lastly, if you get enough tips from your newly acquired fans, it is possible to actually offset the cost of your campaign completely or even make money acquiring fans.

It all depends on how much the potential fans like your music – and we target them based on their taste so if your music is good, you’ve got a good chance of getting good results. If your fans show up to one gig per year, maybe buy a T-shirt, and a CD, your fans should be worth many dollars per year. A Fan Match campaign makes sense as long as you can acquire fans for less than they are worth to you over the course of a year, or even over the life of your career.

We think we have the best fan acquisition tool on the market. Give it a shot!

How to calculate the number of potential fans we have for you and launch a Fan Match campaign

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Musicians, in your weekly email digest, occasionally, you will notice that we do not have enough data to calculate the number of potential fans we have for you. Scroll down to see how to resolve this.

Step 1: Log in to your Music Xray account.

Step 2: Click this button in the weekly digest email.

or just upload some music if you don’t have any in your account yet and skip to step 3…

Or, go look at the tracks in your account that have an alert about missing data (as seen below).

Step 3: Click the red button. Also notice the button that says you are currently targeting zero fans.

Step 4: Follow the steps in the graphic below. PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE THIRD STEP! Then, save your changes.

Step 5: Wait 30 seconds and notice the change to the Target Fans button. That is the number of potential fans we have identified for you. Click that button.

Step 6: Notice, the campaign size automatically sets to the number of potential fans we’ve found for you. Adjust the slider or type in the box to increase or decrease the size of your campaign. Larger campaigns are welcome but will take a bit longer to complete while we go find more potential fans for you.

Step 7: After a day or two, go to “My Fan Match Campaigns” to begin following the progress of your campaign.

Step 8: Read the results of your campaign. 1. The number of fans acquired. 2. The amount you’ve received in tips from your new fans. 3. The cost per each fan you’ve acquired. 4. The email addresses of your new fans.

What do we mean by “cost of fan acquired? Click here to find out.

Step 9: Contact your new fans. Thank them for becoming your fan and for any tips you have received. Build and monetize the relationships just as you would any other fans you have.

Step 10: Run more Fan Match campaigns until you have at least 1000 true fans and / or as many as you can acquire for as long as it is cost effective.

How to read your new weekly email digest

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Those with artist accounts on Music Xray will have noticed that there’s a new weekly digest email that tells you which opportunities are matched to your song, based on Music Xray’s S2O (song to opportunity) matching system. It’s also telling you how many fans we have matched to your songs.

This post tells you how to read the new email.

The first thing you will notice is the new layout.

At the footer of the email, you will notice the section about your ratings.

Occasionally, you will notice that we do not have enough data to calculate the number of potential fans we have for you. Click here for instructions on how to resolve this and see how many fans we have for each of your tracks.

Music Xray’s Refund Policy

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We want to take a moment to discuss Music Xray’s refund policy for submissions to industry professionals.

Refunds when your song isnt’s heard and you don’t get a response within 45 days?

YES! We refund musicians when we can’t live up to our end of the deal, which is getting your music heard by the industry professional to whom you submit music and getting you a response from said professional or their organization within 45 days or less.

Nevertheless, our goal is to always get you the result you paid for. If you request the refund and the professional has not yet responded to you, we will refund you and remove the song you submitted from the industry professional’s inbox. We do not issue a refund if the professional has already responded to you by the time you make the refund request (even if more than 45 days have passed) since the primary goal is to deliver the response. We do our best to hold the professionals to the 45 day timeframe. Repeat offenders are usually removed from the site.

That’s what we say we do. That’s what you pay us to get done for you. If we don’t do that, you are entitled to a refund.

Almost everything else we do for you is free. We match your song to opportunities for free. We tell you how many potential fans we have identified for you for free. We recruit industry professionals and their opportunities for free. We deliver your ratings from industry professionals for free. We list your music in our search engine that is used only by approved industry professionals for free. We store, host, and display your music for free. We give you your very own online tip jar for free. You only pay us to get your music to the ears of an industry professional.

Refunds when your song is on hold for a long time?

No. The industry professional has heard your song and has responded to you that they’d like to hold your song for further consideration. That is a response. While your song is on hold, you are free to continue seeking opportunities for your song. The industry professional does not have any rights over your song. Putting your song on hold is simply their way or not rejecting the song but also not yet selecting it. All you can do is be patient. Our system reminds the industry professional every 10 days or so that they have your song on hold. Things take time. Sometimes they never happen. You just have to continue moving forward and hope for the best. 

Refunds when things don’t go well with an industry professional?

Maybe but not usually. Only in rare circumstances. We get you to the table. What happens once you get there is beyond our control. If we wanted to control it and be responsible for the outcome we wouldn’t put you directly in touch. We’d submit the song, negotiate a deal and take a large cut of the deal. We don’t do that. That’s not our business. You pay us to get you to the table. Humans are humans. Sometimes they click and deals get done quickly. Other times people just don’t mesh. 

You would not believe the number of times we hear of deals going south because the industry professional just decided the artist is being too high maintanence, doesn’t understand how the business works and the industry professional just decided it was too much effort and stopped communicating.

We vet the professionals. We have high confidence their deals / opportunities are real. We are happy to investigate any shenanigans you feel may be occurring and we will refund at our discretion in those instances.

Refunds when your song is not selected?

No. Again, we have no control over what you’re presenting to the industry professional. We have no control over how you conduct yourself, your level of experience both as a musician as well as a business professional. We get you to the table. We insure your music is heard and considered. Due to this, deals get done all the time. In fact, many get done every day via the platform. We stand on our service of getting you heard. We don’t give refunds when your music or band is not selected and we do not charge you more when you get a big deal.

How we can help.

All that said, we have an excellent customer service team and we love to help you move things along with industry professionals and help you get the deals you’re seeking and to make the most out of your communication with them. Don’t hesitate to contact us at

How to enter music taste preference data (for fans on Music Xray)

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These are instructions for music fans on Music Xray who have set up their account and connected their Facebook account but are still not receiving music to hear. This is usually due to our inability to detect any activity in your facebook account that gives us clues as to your taste in music. The solution is for you to manually enter your favorite artists and bands in your Music Xray Fan Match profile.

Step 1. After you log in, edit your Fan Match profile and select some genres.

Step 2: Uncheck the box that says “Use facebook music listening preferences”.

Step 3: Enter the names of some of your favorite bands (begin to type and then select from the list).

Step 4: Click save. Check your email in the next 24 hours for alerts about new songs to hear. If you don’t receive any, contact and we’ll help you out.

Ten Completed Fan Match Campaigns

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Below, you can see the results of 10 completed Fan Match campaigns. Click each image to hear the song for which the campaign was run.

You will notice that each campaign acquired fans (the artists got the email address of each fan) for less than $0.70. That’s incredible value because each true fan should be worth way more than that in the first year of the relationship, let alone over the life of a career.

Learn how to find out how many potential fans we have for you and how to run a Fan Match campaign.

Been rejected? Getting frustrated? Keep this in mind…

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What if you lived across the street from most music industry decision makers and you could walk into their office at any time?


Due to the work we do here at Music Xray, for the first time in history, independent musicians now enjoy a level playing field in the recorded music industry. It actually is like living across the street from most music companies. It’s no longer about who you know or who you can get access to because you can now get access to just about anyone for only a few dollars – much less than it ever would have cost in the past no matter how you went about it.


But, that doesn’t mean the natural laws of success and failure have been altered. It’s about your talent, skill, and market appeal (or that of your music). But it’s also about the having your music heard by the right person at the right time. If you’re not keeping your music in front of the decision makers they’re never going to make the decision you want and you’ll simply be out-competed by those musicians who understand this.


Even those who had access in the past were rejected multiple times. Beatles manager Brian Epstein made numerous trips to London to visit record companies with the hope of securing a record contract, but was rejected by many, including Columbia, Decca, Pye, Philips, and Oriole.


If you’ve been rejected a few times, don’t despair. You need to keep trying, especially if the feedback you’ve been getting is positive.


In fact, if you have tracks you have not submitted to at least 5 industry opportunities, you don’t even know how your tracks are being perceived because you haven’t received your ratings.


Do you believe in your music? If so, what’s your excuse?

Some industry endorsements for Music Xray

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We are thrilled to share some of these awesome recent industry endorsements with you:

Music Xray works. It does. It’s undeniable. I myself have found several bands using the site that I’ve begun to work with. We’ve already signed one of them, w.e.r.m., to Universal Republic. It makes identifying talent much more efficient. – Jeff Blue, RockShop Music, Atlantic Records

Music Xray gives curators like me a competitive advantage when it comes to identifying great songwriters. Within a short time of using the site we discovered talent that we’ve featured on the show. It’s become a primary way we find great material. Music Xray is the most efficient mechanism to assess the hundreds of submissions we receive each week from artists who want to be on our program.” –Jimmy Lloyd, Executive Producer and Host, The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase on NBC

I love it! Music Xray has been integral A&R scouting source for my operation and I always look forward to reviewing to material from artists, writers, managers. –Jake Livingston, Epic Records (Sony)

Music Xray has helped my business by providing comprehensive tools to find and manage some of the best talent I’ve found anywhere. Thanks to Music Xray, over the last year alone, we have signed over 25 bands, artists, and groups to publishing/licensing deals, with many more still under consideration. I have also hand picked hundreds of songs from every genre imaginable, to pitch to our wide variety of clientele. Music Xray holds the keys to success for so many artist, while pioneering a new frontier in the music business. –Charlie Mac, Music Supervisor/SR VP. of A&R/Music Publisher/Music Producer

I prefer to manage music submission with Music Xray because it keeps me organized and seperates the music from my regular everyday emails. I’m able to track all of my submissions in the Music Xray hub which makes for an easy to navigate platform. –Eric Mclellan, A&R, Sire Records (Warner Music Group)

I prefer to manage music submission with Music Xray because of the easy accessibility of the site. In doing what I do, I have people sending me music from all over and in a variety of formats, from CD to MP3. With Music Xray I can access my submissions from wherever I am in the world, and I have a clean record of songs I have accepted, as well as communications that I have started. –Cliff Audretch, Sr. Director A&R / Staff Producer – Show Dog (Universal Music Group).

Music Xray gives me a professional advantage because it makes it possible for artists from all over the world to contact me. It also helps me form musical relationships that have realized some brilliant productions. They would never have happened without Music Xray. It’s the second best invention after the internet!!! – Stuart Epps, producer of Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Chris Rea, George Harrison, Mick Fleetwood, Barry White, George Michael, Mark Owen, Cliff Richard, Twisted Sister, Brian Adams, Oasis, Kiki Dee, Robbie Williams, Bill Wyman and Elton John.

I like Music Xray because it creates an instant one on one interaction between the artist and music professionals in the music business. The advanced system they have developed keeps screeners focused on the song itself which Is the fuel that keeps the music business going. -Jody Friedman, Music Supervisor, HBO, MTV, Showtime, ABC, NBC, Discovery, Bravo…

Music Xray lets me source all my A&R requirements in one place. Consistant high quality music that fits the brief for my requirements. Music Xray does that time after time. -Andy Lee, LOVE TO INFINITY RECORDS

Music Xray has helped my business by broadening my choices for writers and producers in addition to my team. Now we are delivering music faster at a level that’s far beyond the scope of excellence. -William “Junebug” Lee, The Bullets Production Team

Music Xray has become a very valuable tool for me as I seek out the next generation of great artists, producers, and songwriters to work with. I know when I listen to music submissions through Music Xray, I’m hearing music from artists who take their career seriously enough to invest in themselves. I am currently working with 2 producers and songwriters I discovered through Music Xray, and I know there are more to come.” – Ric “DJ Form” Robbins, Incorporated Elements

I like music Xray because it allows me to filter down to artist who take their craft serious. I can find records I need for my projects as well as find a diamond in the ruff artist all in a one stop shop model. Music Xray is the new A&R online department of a label. –Willie Baker, H2 Label Group

Music Xray has helped my business by taking my business globally instead of locally. It makes connecting to unsigned artist easier and efficient. –Robert Simmons 4th, Soul Shift Music

Music Xray is good for the music business because it gives everyone worldwide a chance to play in the major leagues! You no longer have to live in one of the major music hubs to get noticed. Alex Torrez, Torrez Music Group / Lawrence Music Group

Music Xray is good for the music business because it is the gatekeeper to the vast ocean of music around the globe and is making it so much easier for music professionals to find new talent by being exposed to a larger pool than was humanly possible before Music Xray. I’m excited to see what the future will bring via Music Xray but I see BIG things happening for the MX Team! –Nan Cassidy, Branding Outside the Lines, Nashville

I like Music Xray because it allows us to source new artists and new music for our current artists in one easy to use place. –Abbiko Music Group Enquiry Team

Music Xray has helped my business by introducing me to serious artists who are driven, passionate, and thirsty to succeed. Music Xray is also great for the industry. The model provides ears of top level executives. Due to this, artists have become stronger writers, producers, arrangers, and composers. – Eddie “Sea” Caldwell, Music of the Sea

Music Xray is on the cutting edge of technology, and it’s great for the music business. The platform really gives artist the opportunity to get their music in front of real decision makers. We just released an album called “Makaveli Returns, The Mixtape Vol. 1”, (please forgive the shameless plug), and 9 out of the 15 songs on the album are from artist we signed using Music Xray. The site is invaluable to us! –Kendrick Lesane, CEO of Makaveli Music Group, LLC.

Music Xray is so far the best because we successfully found talented and professional musicians thru its tool. Its system save our time by listening to all the song msubmissions with one click. –KCS Entertainment