10 free submission opportunities now through midnight (NYC) Sunday September 30, 2012

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We never do this. We’ve never done this. We may never do it again. But here you have it. 10 free submission opportunities. Click here or on the image for details and best of luck! Be sure to share this page with your musician friends in time for them to take advantage of it.

And to see some industry-leading achievements that distinguish Music Xray, click here.

Industry-leading achievements that distinguish Music Xray

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We know there are a lot of websites that provide services to musicians. Many of them hype you up and then let you down. We know that can lead you to think Music Xray is too good to be true.

What separates Music Xray from other sites that provide services to musicians and the industry?

Although our site design does not yet scream “innovation!”, our services sure do. We have harnessed technology in ways that will be the industry standard for years to come.

Here is a short list of what we’ve done over the past 24 months… and we’re just getting started.

  • Created the first & only level playing field in industry history for access to professionals and opportunities making it no longer dependent upon who a musician knows but rather on their talent, skill, & market appeal (or that of their music).

  • First & only platform to achieve adoption by major labels for direct submissions.

  • Three times higher user to success ratio than the closest competitor (35.7%).

  • An innovative fan acquisition service the identifies & engages fans, and offers the ability to monetize new fans instantly via a creative twist on online tip jars.

Other notable achievements include…

  • The most advanced music search engine in the world including a sonic similarity search feature where industry professionals upload music that sounds like what they are seeking and they are returned similar-sounding results.

  • First & only company to ever effectively crowd-source the music industry enabling professionals to leverage the ears of their peers.
  • This is worth repeating with additional emphasis:. Every industry professional who uses Music Xray benefits from the collective filtering power of the other 1400 professional users. No company, no website, no A&R tool has ever previously even achieved the necessary industry-adoption to harness the collective filtering power of so many professionals who make their living with their ears. This feature alone gives all our users (professionals and musicians alike) a competitive advantage.

Musicians face enough challenges amid this changing industry. When shady sites don’t deliver the results they promise, musicians become rightfully jaded and suspicious. It’s hard to know where to turn for sincere career-advancing services. Consider helping your fellow musicians by spreading the word about Music Xray. Leave a comment below. Click the “like” button. Put this blog post on your Facebook timeline or even tweet it. Send it to people you think will be interested via email. But even more importantly, just tell people about Music Xray when you’re speaking with them.

We aim to provide real solutions in a sincere and transparent way.

Learn how many fans we can identify for each of your tracks

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Automatic Artist to Fan Matching; Music Xray’s next killer feature

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Over the the next couple days, Music Xray rolls out an automatic Artist to Fan matching feature that tells musicians the exact number of potential fans that we can identify for them from among the tens of thousands of fans who have already signed up to discover new acts.


If you’re a musician who has been with Music Xray for any length of time, you’re probably now very familiar with our Song to Opportunity (S2O) matching feature, which uses music analysis software to match artists’ music to the needs of industry professionals. That service has contributed enormously to the over 14,000 tracks industry professionals have selected for opportunities via Music Xray in the past 18 months.


Now, when music fans sign up on the site, they tell us what music they’re currently into and we observe their evolving tastes over time. Then we cross reference our fan database with the music uploaded by artists into Music Xray.



Beginning late this week, a number of related changes will roll out across the site. First, you will notice a change in the emails you receive. The weekly digest you receive that alerts you as to the opportunities that have been matched to your songs will now also include the number of potential fans we’ve matched to your tracks. Each week, you’ll be able to see how many new potential fans for your music have joined the site.


We will place a little button near your tracks (only visible to the owner of the track when you are logged in) that launches a new Fan match campaign for each track. The button will show you the number of potential fans immediately available.


This new feature is the icing on the cake to our recently launched Fan Match service, which helps musicians quickly add real music fans to their following.  For clarity, we’re not talking about ghost Facebook “likes” and fake Twitter followers. We’re talking about real, live breathing humans who have signed up on Music Xray solely for the purpose of hearing new music.

How to increase your odds on Music Xray

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You can increase your odds on Music Xray by understanding how it works. You’ll have a competitive advantage over many other users of the site who are not paying attention to our blog. So, here’s to those of you who are.


The whole site makes sense if you understand the following: We help musicians do three things and three things only.


  1. Get deals.
  2. Get fans.
  3. Get better.


You can go anywhere else for the other services you need to advance your career. But when it comes to these three things, Music Xray is second to none. Yes, we know our site could use some love from our design team and that there are a few rough edges. We’ll address that soon. But the far more important thing is that our products work; that they get results. You see, everything we say, every tool we make, every feature we add is to help with one of those three things.


Say it with me again. What do we help you do? “Get deals. Get fans. Get better.”


The next thing you need to know about Music Xray is that the difference between musicians who are successful and those who are not is not luck. It’s not a lottery. It’s not a game of chance. It’s got very little to do with odds. Musicians and songwriters who are successful have better music (or their music is a better fit for a particular opportunity) than that of others.


Music Xray gets you to the table with industry professionals and fans but once you’re there, you’re going to get the the kind of unvarnished feedback the industry is known for. Our platform is populated with real music fans and real professionals. If they like your music, you’ll know quickly. The same is true if they don’t.


But here’s the good thing about that; no one is going to have to spend months or years seeking the kind of real-world feedback they can get very quickly via Music Xray.



That said, the ideal way to use Music Xray is as follows:



1. Upload your entire catalog to Music Xray.


This enables Music Xray to analyze all your music and keep it on file. You will be alerted immediately and any time in the future industry professionals seek music like yours.


2. Fill out all the metadata for your songs, including the section called “search related data”.


We know. It’s not intuitive but that’s why reading this puts you at an advantage over other users. Filling out the genre and the similar artist section enables us to identify potential fans for you. It also gives your tracks an advantage when industry professionals use our internal search engine.


3. Submit your best tracks to 10 to 15 different opportunities each.


I know. That seems like a lot. You don’t have to do it all at once. You can do it over time. In fact, I’d advise against making more than five or six submissions at a time for a single song. Some tracks are selected immediately but from what we’ve observed, tracks that are eventually selected for an opportunity tend to have been submitted to multiple opportunities. You have to combine persistence with a thoughtful submission strategy. Pay close attention to the ratings you receive from the industry professionals. We alert you each time your track is rated but we only show you the ratings after you’ve received five. So, after your fifth or sixth submission, you’ll get to see the average of the ratings. This will tell you whether or not to continue submitting that particular track to other opportunities. If the ratings are high go for it. If they are low, consider trying with another track.


4. Pick your best track and run a Fan Match campaign.


Don’t run a large one. It’s probably best to not spend more than $50 to $150 on your first campaign – but you can spend as little as $20. By the time the campaign is over (once your song has been heard by a group of potential fans) you’ll see how many people become a direct fan of yours. If the results are good, run another campaign. You should acquire as many fans as you can. During and after your first campaign, on your dashboard you’ll see how much each fan cost you (we divide the dollars you spent by the number of fans you acquired minus any tips you received from the new fans). Then, you’ll know if running further campaigns is worth it to you. You’ll know that by knowing how much a fan is worth to you over the course of a year and over the course of your career.


5. If you’re getting good results, just keep repeating steps 1 through 4. If you’re getting bad results go to step 6.


6. Get better.


Improve by submitting your tracks to the myriad of industry professionals, hit songwriters and the occasional celebrity artists who are on Music Xray only to help you make improvements, offer sincere song critiques, and even direct and personal career coaching.  After completing step 6, go back to step 1.


This cycle is infallible.  If you simply follow these steps, you will get deals and fans successfully.


If you’ve read this, you’ve got an advantage.


Mike McCready

co-founder & CEO

Music Xray