S2O stands for Song-to-Opportunity, and matching songs to real industry opportunities is what Music Xray does. We use some clever acoustic matching technology developed by our partners at Queen Mary University in London. Here’s how we apply it…


Many of the industry professionals who use Music Xray to find new songs and talent have a pretty specific idea of what they’re seeking. For example, the music supervisor of a new movie might think that “Brown Sugar” by Rolling Stones would be perfect for one of the scenes, but they can’t secure that license, or can’t afford it.


Music Xray enables the music supervisor to actually upload a file of “Brown Sugar” to a section of their dashboard. The Queen Mary-developed software analyses the acoustic properties in “Brown Sugar” and then Music Xray alerts every independent musician in our system who has a similar sounding track and points them toward the music supervisor’s drop box where they can pay a few dollars to submit their track for consideration. As per our policy, we guarantee the supervisor listens to AND responds to every submission. In the end, a track is chosen and a deal is done between the supervisor and the rights holder of the track.


Hundreds of opportunities of this type exist on Music Xray on any given day and are continuously filled and new ones are continuously posted.


Obviously, not every independent track is in our system. In fact, the only tracks in our system are those that have been uploaded to Music Xray by the artists and rights holders themselves. There are all sorts of music sites out there, providing excellent services to musicians and we’d like to partner with them all in a way that just works, generates revenue for the partner sites and increases the feature set of those partner sites by adding Music Xray’s Song to Opportunity (S2O) Matching system to their platforms.


By integrating with Music Xray’s API, partner sites can alert their musician members any time one of their tracks matches an opportunity on Music Xray. If that match results in the musician submitting their song for consideration, Music Xray pays the partner site some money. Tracking and crediting of the payment are automatic and even if the musician doesn’t open an account on Music Xray right away, Music Xray remembers by whom that potential user was referred, even months down the line.


If you run a website dedicated to providing services to musicians and those musicians have uploaded music to your site, you are an ideal potential user of Music Xray’s API. You can build it into your site as deeply as you’d like. You can do it in a way that alerts your users via email that they have opportunity matches or you can build it in to display the matched opportunities on a musician’s dashboard – or any other implementation idea you have.


Please see the documentation and integration instructions here, and/or get in touch with us for any help you need during the implementation.