Harness the collective filtering power of the music industry

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Know how Music Xray works

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Feedback about Music Xray from industry professionals is “off the hook”!

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As you, no doubt, know by now, we launched our new search engine last week.

Feedback from industry professionals about their experience discovering new songs and talent on Music Xray has been very positive – but last week we took it to a whole new level. We are never satisfied and continue to make improvements but we’re proud of what we’ve built and to share some of the feedback with you.

Mia Bajin said, “New features on the website are off the hook! Thumbs up!”

John Kuhns, Program Director of Suckfree Radio has been using the Song to Opportunity Match (S2O) to help him find artists on Music Xray and he is truly happy with this service. Here is what he has to say:

“Oh my God! I just had the most incredible afternoon listening to some amazing new music!”

“I have been using Music X-ray for about a year and a half and have heard some talented artists, but I finally decided to take the time to fully explore the S2O technology. I would recommend it to any A&R and Music Placement Professionals that are feeling burned out listening to that stack of unsolicited CDs taking up space on their desks.”

Recent standouts added to the Suckfree Radio playlist include:

Alex HirschBrown, Byrd & ChampagneDisastroidLc JohnsonStevie HawkinsSeven Weapons

“I listened to several of these submissions 2 or 3 times simply because they definitely don’t suck!”


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Our new music search engine is powered by the collective filtering power of over 1300 industry professionals currently employed by top music companies. Find music (from among hundreds of thousands of tracks) for all your projects.

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No charge. No strings. No catches.

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No one has EVER harnessed the collective filtering power of over 1000 music industry professionals – until now.

We’re talking about professionals from places likeMTV, Columbia, RCA, Sire, Capitol, Universal Pictures & more.

Find music and talent for your projects.

We do not take a cut of any deal you do with the rights holders. Contact them directly when you find a track you want to use.

Open an account at Music Xray and start using the most powerful music search engine ever built.


Make your own catalog of music searchable.

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Musicians land deals they don’t even pursue… A new kind of Music Xray success story.

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As Music Xray’s new search engine and collective A&R system kick in (where we show your highly rated songs to even more industry professionals), we’re starting to hear from more musicians who are being selected for deals they did not even pursue. Check out this example from Zaccheri Gray who writes…


My song “Lullabyes Baby” was recently selected for the upcoming Errand Boys Movie.

I have also been nominated for “Best Singer/Songwriter and Best Solo Artist” by the All Indie Music Awards.

Again my song “Lullabyes Baby” was selected for the Hurricane Relief Project.

Also I got this incredible feedback from Wayne Thompson: who wrote…
“…an amazing talent. One of the brightest I have heard in a long time.”
Wayne Thompson (former manager of Harry Belafonte, Tanya Tucker and The Nylons)

So far I am very happy with my progress on Music Xray and thought I would share!



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