The Music Xray Team

Posted by Mike McCready | August 10th, 2011 | No responses

Music Xray has been getting more widely known as we’ve just been on the cover of The Nashville Music Guide.

Given that I’m the co-founder & CEO as well as the public face, I get identified with the company. That’s my job but the differentiating value in Music Xray is an incredible team who are both good at their jobs and passionate about the work we do.

Music Xray is far from a one man show and is not just “my” company. The company is privately held by a cadre of the senior team, co-founder shareholders, professional investors and friends & family. Without their early faith in what we’re trying to achieve, Music Xray would not be possible.

Every day, CTO Jeff Durand and his team work to keep the site purring along while building out new features and keeping it all scalable. Bert Hartmann, our COO manages a very professional team of software testers and customer service & support staff. They are real assets at Music Xray.



A new, interesting way to acquire fans and a way to get started

Posted by Mike McCready | August 8th, 2011 | 4 Responses

There are three things musicians can do online to advance their careers.

1. Get deals
2. Get fans
3. Get better

Music Xray is focused on helping you get deals and providing you access to people who can help you get better.

But getting fans? We think a lot about the challenge but Music Xray does not offer a solution beyond giving you an attractive way to present your music. So, we want to know, how do you identify likely fans and then engage them?

Do you use Do you use Jango radio? I like them and Music Xray has a relationship with both companies and we encourage you to use them. How about Fanbridge? Please share some of your experiences in the comments section of this post.

There’s another one we like and that we’ve been experimenting with and I encourage you to give it a shot and report back to the community. It’s called Music Connected Advertising (MCA).

The MCA service enables artists (as advertisers) to target (with an interactive ad) audiences of other artists that have fans that could also become their fans.

You following? Let’s say you think Coldplay’s fans would really be into your music. MCA let’s you create an online ad (really attractive ones) and then when people all over the Internet who are searching for Coldplay, already reading about Coldplay or have previously purchased or listened to Coldplay tracks will see your ad, hopefully click on it, hear some of your music and join your mail list or “like” you on Facebook etc.

In the past, digital advertising was reserved only for major label artists with massive promotional budgets. But now everyone can access this powerful promotional tool for a pretty fair price.

As I said, for the next few weeks, we are trying out MCA and wonder if you want to also.

Here’s the deal: You get 50% off the standard pricing and a free interactive ad (which they will create for you). The ad alone would cost you $1500 or more to build with a professional designer.

Here is what you get:

– 1 free interactive ad including a built in music player – 100,000 targeted ad impression (shown exclusively to people they know or are likely to like your music) – Complete analytics package (location of your fans, numbers of interactions, types of interactions, etc.)

– The cost is a very reasonable $600!

For everyone else, this package is priced at $1000 but we’d like to get a few of our artists using it and sharing their experiences.

All you need to provide is:

  • 1-5 images to use in the ad
  • One MP3
  • URL you want your fans to visit
  • It’s that simple. If you would like more information, please email: and mention the “Music Xray deal.” One of their campaign managers will be happy to explain the details.

    We think this is a great opportunity and hope you are able to take advantage of this.