Investors, such as Deer In Headlights Music Group, are taking notice that Music Xray’s 21st century A&R tools reduce risk and increase probability of high returns when it comes to making investments in music.

A new fund will be making small ($30k to $50k) investments over the coming months in bands & acts sourced and de-risked via Music Xray.

To be elegible for these funds, industry professionals must have sourced their project on Music Xray, present data (such as results from Music Xray’s stats page, Music Xray focus group results and other information) to support the potential of a viable business opportunity that will begin to generate returns within 6 months.

If you are an industry professional with an open dropbox on Music Xray
, have sourced your project via Music Xray and are interested in seeking funding for your project(s), please email us at Include a link to the act you are working with on Music Xray and a brief outline of the project. We will reply to further the conversation.

If you are not using Music Xray to conduct at least part of your A&R activities you are missing out on free use of the most advanced A&R tools ever assembled and now, access to capital.
Some facts and data about Music Xray:

First the facts:
  • Music Xray is the music industry’s only dedicated A&R platform.
  • It’s free for industry professionals to use.
  • The company is venture backed.
  • It harnesses the latest technology to the benefit of those who seek new songs & talent.
  • It enables the industry to open the doors of opportunity to artists everywhere while eliminating much of the hassle of separating the wheat from the chaff.
  • It’s transparent and fair – making the A&R process more about how good an artist is and less about whom they know (or who they can reach on their own or of whom they can request a favor). In other words, Music Xray is professional.
  • It guarantees artists get heard by those they submit to within a reasonable amount of time (unheard of in this business).

Now the data:
  • More than 1250 songs have been selected for real industry opportunities on Music Xray in the past 90 days alone!
  • These deals include placement in major Hollywood movie soundtracks, major TV network theme songs, major and cable network series placement, reality show auditions and placement, label deals, radio station playlist adds, magazine features, blog features, publishing deals, management deals, production deals and sample deals.
  • Over 1200 industry professionals now use Music Xray to conduct at least some of their A&R activities. Among these professionals are top Hollywood music supervisors, major & indie label A&Rs, radio stations, influential music bloggers…
  • The industry’s ONLY song to opportunity matching system (S2O) has created an effective way of delivering a high percentage of relevant music to the professionals’ in-box without restricting outliers and creative innovation from reaching their ears.
  • Music Xray’s back-end statistics (Collective A&R) has itself produced deals between artists and industry professionals by highlighting high-potential songs that have been well-rated by multiple industry professionals yet remained unsigned.