Tip of the Week:Please vote for Songs of Love Foundation to receive $1m

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Dear all,

Please vote for Songs of Love Foundation to receive $1m

By next week many of the music industry professionals on Music Xray will be donating part or all of their submission fees to one of many worthy charities we will make available. We are reminded this week by the tragedy in Haiti of just how important it is to be generous to those in need. For years we have admired the work John Beltzer is doing at the Songs of Love Foundation and now, if Songs of Love receives the most votes, Chase Bank will make a $1m donation to this very worthy cause. All it takes is your vote. You don’t even have to make a donation.

Please follow the instructions below to vote – and then please come back to this email to see all the great new opportunities that just arrived on Music Xray.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Login to your Facebook Account (skip this if already signed into Facebook)
2. Click here:
3. If prompted, click on the “Allow” button.
5. Click on the button “Become a Fan”
6. Click on the button “Vote for Charity”
7. You’ve done it! You will see a “Thank you for voting” message. Please publish your vote to spread the awareness across Facebook.

Mike McCready
Music Xray

Tip of the Week:Get a professional song critique

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Get a professional song critique.

You probably notice that some of the opportunities (and many of the new ones we’re introducing today) are for professional song critiques. If you have any doubts as to the value of professional feedback you can read a couple blog posts here:

Why You Should Have Your Songs Professionally Critiqued

Who You Should Ask To Critique Your Songs

Most importantly, this is one of the best ways to discover what you really have on your hands. Getting just a few professional opinions of people who are accomplished in the business can give you the confidence to know your song is ready to be pitched to real opportunities or the insights to make the improvements you need. Many of these professionals can help you in more ways than one. Engaging a professional for a song critique or career coaching can be a way to start a relationship that endures and that can result in real steps forward for you and your music.

Invite Other Artists to Try Music Xray and Earn Money

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Invite other artists to try Music Xray and earn money when they conduct transactions on the site. Here’s how:

1. Log in as an artist or an industry professional on the top of the website.
– Note: You may use a third party account to log in but it’s not required (Facebook, Google, Yahoo etc).

2. On your dashboard page you will see a button enabling you to invite other artists (it will even give you the option to import your contacts). Sending invitations using that button sends an email and automatically includes your affiliate links. But, you can use your affiliate link to create your own landing page, send your own email invites, tweet, post to FB etc.

You will also see in the “settings” section a counter that will show you how many affiliates have signed up under you.

Invite artists and get paid

3. Send the invitations. Your earned balance will be reflected in real time on your dashboard. We pay you through PayPal. Be sure that you have your PayPal account setup.

PayPal account setup

4. If you do not want to use email to get new artists to signup you can use the affiliate id. Click on the settings button on the top toolbar:

Settings tab

Just append the affiliate id to the end of any links to Music Xray including the urls for your song presentation package.

Music Xray affiliate program id

Tip Of The Week: Use the TuneCore module to sell your songs right from your Music Xray Song Presentation Pack

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Use the TuneCore module to sell your songs right from your Music Xray Song Presentation Pack.

See an example here: