Less Push and More Pull

Does the future of music promotion really involve promotion? At Music Xray, we believe promotion (push) is going to take a back seat to powerful music discovery and filtering solutions (pull).

Music Experience Interfaces (MEIs) will be game changing.

We are positive that new music experience interfaces (MEIs) are going to change the way music industry professionals locate artists/songs, and MEIs will change the way consumers discover and interact with music.

Radical MEIs described – we know this stuff is coming!

Visual – thousands of songs visualized on the screen, color-coded, easy to manipulate, fast as hell. Tactile – reach in and divide a screen filled with ten thousands songs. Auditory – hear overlapping song clips as fast as you move your hand across the screen. Fiction? We doubt it. Music industry professionals will be using these tools in 2009.

2,000,000 songs in two minutes…

Not only do consumers need far better ways to filter the ocean of new and existing music, professionals that work with artists and songs need to be able to slice, dice and filter through millions of songs in minutes to find exactly what they are looking for. This is not a luxury; at 99 cents a track, it’s a necessity for everyone in the industry to be more efficient.

About Music Xray

Music Xray is dedicated to changing the way music is promoted within the music industry. There are millions of songs in existence and almost a million songs a year are being uploaded to the Internet. Music Xray will use music information retrieval science to enable Music Industry Professionals to create dynamic, high-speed music filters where quality metrics, success potential and sounds-alike search criteria are defined by the individual needs of each Music Industry Professional. You could say that Music Xray is the first fully customizable music filter for Music Industry Professionals.